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Legal services that power ambitious startups.

Too many founders wait too long for advice, are worried about cost, and are ultimately too exposed to risks. We created Mission Law to fix that. To do so, we offer a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective legal service that delivers the help you need, when you need it. No more bill shock, no more communication challenges, and no more losing sleep at night over your legal matters.

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For businesses on a mission, we provide clear, structured engagements to help move forward legal needs. Learn more below.


If you are ready to launch your company but want to be strategic about allocating resources, consider our incorporation services, which begin at a flat $2,500 base fee. Provide us a few key details and we take care of the rest. We'll answer all of your questions around how to allocate equity to founders and others, who controls your company now and in the future, and any other questions that might arise as you launch your company. We also take care of all the paperwork and filings that you need, including your founder 83(b) elections, and set you up for smooth operations, with Carta onboarding included. To the extent you want to hardwire mission into your company’s DNA, we could not be more supportive. Approximately half of our clients are Delaware public benefit corporations (PBCs), so we have the experience and know-how to help you make that happen.

Mission Counsel

Can’t justify hiring full-time counsel or outsourcing legal work at high rates, but tired of doing everything yourself or entering into contracts without legal review? We have reinvented the general counsel role for early-stage companies. With our “Mission Counsel” subscription service, you get direct access to an experienced legal team at an affordable and predictable price.

Included in your subscription is our help with legal matters as they arise, from onboarding and offboarding service providers to reviewing vendor agreements to managing your cap table. We take the guesswork out of pricing so that together we can focus on your day-to-day needs, just like a general counsel would. The extra touchpoints that result allow us to really understand your company and vision and tailor our advice and operations accordingly.


Growth-focused businesses need help through every stage. From seed rounds and venture capital to crowdfunding and bridge financing, we are experts at helping startups get the financing they need to grow.

For most of our financings, we offer flat-fee pricing, which ensures that our interests are aligned with yours - to close smoothly and efficiently. Unlike the billable hour model of traditional firms with its misaligned incentives, we instead focus constantly on innovating to offer clients an ever-improving experience. From intaking and auditing your documents to negotiating terms to managing investor communications, updating cap tables, and coordinating signature pages, we offer clients an incredibly seamless experience. Let us own the financing piece so you can focus on scaling and maybe even find some breathing room to appreciate all that your company has already accomplished.

Here's how we do it

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With deep industry experience advising startups from incorporations to successful exits.

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By providing an efficient, people-centric, and technology-powered service that is responsive to your needs.

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With cost-effective and clear pricing so you are in control of your legal spend.


"I don’t think I have ever emailed a lawyer of a portfolio company to say I am impressed with the work done. In your case, however, the comment is well deserved. From my perspective, it seems that you are serving [Mission Law client] well… offering good advice, turning documents in a timely manner, and being responsive to requests.”

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