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At Mission Law, we provide easy-to-access, high-quality legal support so you can scale your company without the stress of expensive or unpredictable legal fees. Ultimately, you need a law firm to help you limit risks, take advantage of opportunities, and get things done, and we’re here to ensure that happens.

Here's how we do it

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With deep industry experience advising startups from incorporations to successful exits.

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By providing an efficient, people-centric, and technology-powered service that is responsive to your needs.

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With cost-effective and clear pricing so you are in control of your legal spend.

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“I love working with Tony and the Mission Law team. They move at founder speed — instead of waiting for days, I get responses in minutes. Their tools feel modern — instead of uploading Word docs to DocuSign, I check a few boxes in a form with standard terms and an advisor agreement is generated, sent, and tracked. Finally, the business model is innovative. I'm never afraid of getting an unreasonably large bill for a simple question. Working with Mission Law saves me time and lets me focus on the business.”

Dhruv Amin

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Create

“I brag to my fellow entrepreneurs how lucky I am to have Mission Law on our side. They are brilliant, incredibly responsive, honest, and genuinely understand the startup journey. I had gone through three other law firms prior that treated us as an afterthought compared to their bigger clients. Now I truly feel like I have a long-term partner that I trust at each step of the journey.”

“I've loved working with Tony and the rest of the team. All I had to do during the fundraise was to get the commit from the investor and then let the Mission Law team do the rest. It was so nice knowing that the logistics of transferring money and stock were fully taken care of. I've worked with a few startup lawyers in the past, and the level of responsiveness, care, and attention to detail that they had both during the fundraising process and after has been unparalleled. I also really like their business model, which is subscription-based rather than hours-based as I believe it aligns everyone's incentives really nicely for the long term.”

“I can’t say enough great things about Tony and Mission Law. I’ve worked with many small and large firms over the years and this has been my absolute best experience by far. We always felt very confident in Tony’s advice, and he and the team always went the distance for us. Mission Law was instrumental in the great exit that we achieved, and I look forward to working with them on future endeavors.”

“Being a venture-backed public benefit corporation is rare, and we couldn't have made the leap without Mission Law. Every law firm we talked to said they had expertise in the space, but a question one or two layers deep would leave them scrambling for answers. Mission Law knows their stuff and has been a reliable thought partner from the beginning.”

“We've had a terrific experience with Tony and Mission Law. Their responsiveness, availability, and consistency have helped us drive progress and high velocity as we scaled. They add to our bandwidth by taking coordination and follow-up off our plate, freeing up our team's time while giving us peace of mind that everything is in good hands.”

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Our Services

With years of experience helping startups navigate legal complexities and grow into successful enterprises, we are single-mindedly focused on delivering the support they need.


Getting your business incorporated properly from the outset is critical. With our flat-fee incorporation package, we’ll help you jump through all the regulatory hoops while protecting your long-term interests.

Mission Counsel

Subscribe to our general/corporate counsel services and have the experience of our team at your fingertips. From onboarding service providers to evaluating vendor agreements to navigating governance matters, we’ll be your legal go-to whenever the need arises.


Are you thinking about or ready to close an investment round? We’ll help you negotiate the right terms and quickly and easily close, so you can secure the investment you need to take your company to the next level.

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