About Mission Law

Mission  Law is  a  tech-enabled  startup  legal  practice  with  a  focus  on  serving  mission-driven  founders  and companies.  We  work  with  our  clients  as  their  primary  outside  corporate  and  general  counsel,  from incorporation through exit, including clients with valuations over $500m. Our clients have raised money from a  number  of  different  high-profile  investors  including  776,  Animonica  Brands,  Bain  Capital  Double  Impact, Data  Collective,  Dorm  Room  Fund,  Gradient  Ventures,  Greycroft,  Hustle  Fund,  ICONIQ,  Kapor  Capital, KleinerPerkins, Sovereign’s Capital, and Y Combinator, and span a wide variety of industries including consumer-packaged   goods,   energytech,   fintech,   givingtech,   healthtech,   legaltech,   NFTs,   salestech, watertech, and web3.

Our Thesis

We believe that the future of startup legal practice will shift to:

  • flat fees and subscription fees over the billable hour
  • leverage process and technology to dramatically improve service efficiency and delivery
  • encourage better teamwork and healthier work cultures

Our mission is to:

  • provide excellent service to support the impactful work of our mission-driven founders and companies, including but not limited to the unique impact and expertise we have in working with Delaware public benefit  corporations,  faith-driven  companies,  and/or  companies  that  operate  at  the  intersection  of nonprofits, philanthropy, and traditional markets.
  • create an environment for healthy relationships and joyful work for our professionals so that they can thrive and flourish.

Our Values

  • healthy  relationships - healthy  relationships  are  based  on  core  principles  such  as  respect, vulnerability, honesty, empathy, kindness, boundaries, commitment, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, and gentleness, many of which are undervalued or deprioritized in the typical law firm environment. we actively nurture and support all of our professionals to have healthy relationships with each other, with our clients, with their work, with their families, and with their broader community
  • joyful work - we design technology, project management tools, and policies around our professionals so that they can focus on the work that’s truly designed for them, aligned with their ideals, and gives them joy; a number of our initiatives reduce time entry requirements, eliminate tedious and repetitive work,  create  processes  that  help  minimize  mistakes,  support  family-friendly  and  travel-friendly scheduling flexibility, and provide workflow visibility to enable planning and more control
  • continuous improvement - from how we document our processes in Asana and elsewhere to the continuous edits we make to our practice forms, client questionnaires,and checklists after completing deals, we have built systems and make it a core part of who we are to constantly iterate to work more quickly, eliminate mistakes, and reduce client friction
  • tech  savviness –like  many  of  our  technology-forward  clients,  we  are  focused  on using  modern systems and automations built on top of the likes of Airtable, Asana, Front, JotForm, Loom, Microsoft PowerAutomate, Miro, Zapier, and other solutions that require an eagerness and willingness to learn and master new technology and processes
  • true ownership-we take pride in recruiting team members who all feel a personal connection and sense  of  responsibility  to  our  clients  and  to  each  other  and  we  are  investing  significant  time  and resources in determining how we can offer all team members, including paralegals and non-legal staff, equity-like ownership, which is rare in the legal industry

Our Current Team

  • Tony Wang(founder/managing partner)
  • Mindy Lu Green (associate)
  • Niki Miller, and Amna Khan (paralegals)
  • Jessica Bousquet (business operations manager)
  • plus external finance/accounting, IT, legal specialists, and no-code/low-code developers


  • serve as primary outside general and corporate counsel to venture-backed companies
  • creatively lead new initiatives to build the IP and brand of the firm to create a platform for like-minded professionals within the legal industry

Key Responsibilities

  • own  and  master  traditional  ECVC  corporate  and  securities  matters  for  our  clients  including incorporations, financings, spinouts, tender offers, and cap table management
  • advise  on  a  wide  range  of  other  legal  matters  including  basic  employment,  tech  transactions,  IP strategy, and executive compensation matters
  • contribute to internal knowledge management, especially Asana templates and practice forms
  • help the firm adhere to its mission and core values and contribute to an environment of trust, diversity, and inclusion
  • leverage tech in legal and operational processes and drive automation and continuous improvement

What We're Looking for in Candidates

  • drive
  • collegiality
  • resourcefulness
  • effectiveness
  • mission-driven
  • ideally 3+ years of ECVC and/or relevant general corporate law experience

Compensation and Benefits

  • BigLaw salary base pay for a predictable 40 hours per week, fully remote,3 weeks(starting)protected vacation, and 1.5 weeks sick leave; pro-rated reduced schedules down to 80% also available
  • no billable hour requirements and minimal time tracking responsibilities (currently only approximately a third of our revenue is from hourly billing)
  • quarterly review of performance for level increases and bonuses, including faster path to meaningful partnership
  • 100% medical, dental, vision, life for you and your dependents
  • 401k safe harbor basic matching
  • $50/mo automatic wifi/cellplan reimbursement+ 100% reimbursement of all equipment
  • weekly remote lunches


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